Featured Endorsement

“Jim Waring is a strong proven supporter of law enforcement. During the radical left “defund the police” council meetings, as others vilified the police,  it was Waring that spoke up in support of Phoenix Police Officers. His pragmatic, sensible, common-sense approach to governance is exactly what the City of Phoenix desperately needs now more than ever.” 

– Justin Harris, President
Arizona Police Association

About Jim

Jim Waring has been a tireless advocate for responsible government in Arizona. He earned a reputation during his seven years at the State Senate as a fighter of wasteful government spending, a champion of job-creating policies and a steadfast proponent of tough-on-crime public safety policies.
Jim earned awards for this work from the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers (Champion of the Taxpayer), National Federation of Independent Business (Guardian of Small Business), and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce (Senator of the Year).
In addition, Jim was recognized for his work fighting domestic violence by the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence (Legislator of the Year twice) and the Men’s Anti Violence Network (Man of the Year).


Business Friendly Environment

Transforming the City of Phoenix into the most innovative and business friendly city in the country is a top priority. Businesses need to feel they can easily work with the city. By continuing to make the procurement process as transparent and open as possible, and by focusing on Arizona businesses, we will help make Phoenix more business friendly.


Government must be more efficient. I will continue to ask various departments in the city to make sure that they are doing their part to run more efficiently to save the taxpayers of Phoenix money.


Transparency in the procurement process is something that I have been working on since being elected to the Phoenix City Council. I will continue to work to make the city of Phoenix more transparent for the citizens and community.

Public Safety

Public safety has been one of my top priorities at the state and it continues to be a top priority for me at the city. While I was in the Senate, I was able to get stricter DUI and domestic violence laws passed. As a result, fatalities plummeted. I will continue to ensure that the City is doing what it needs to maintain the safety of its citizens. I have led the city’s fight against human trafficking and have continued to push for more resources for police.

Eliminate Wasteful Spending

I pride myself on being a fiscal conservative, and since being elected to the City Council I have been vigilantly watching what the city spends your taxpayer dollars on. Before every council meeting I go through each payment ordinance to ensure that your tax payer dollars are being well used. I will continue to be a steward of your money.


The best predictor of how a candidate will act in office is to look to their record. I stand by my record in the State Senate and as your Councilman. I have produced real results for Arizona. I have never been the type of person to simply “go-along-to-get-along” and I will never sit back and do nothing when our city, state and nation face problems which must be addressed.

That’s the type of City Councilman I will be for you: a fighter who gets results.

You can rest assured that as your City Councilman, I’ll build on this record of achievement for you, Arizona, and America.

The Waring Record of Results:

Jobs, The Economy and Fighting Waste

  • Sentinel Award, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Champion of the Taxpayer, Arizona Federation of Taxpayers
  • Guardian of Small Business, National Federation of Independent Business
  • Senator of the Year, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Legislator of the Year, Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants
  • Senator of the Year, Arizona Association of REALTORS®

Protecting America, Securing Our Border and Public Safety

  • Medal of Merit Award, National Guard Association of U.S.
  • Legislator of the Year, American Legion
  • Legislator of the Year (three times), National Guard Association of Arizona
  • A-Rating, National Rifle Association
  • Legislative Excellence Award, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Families and Communities

  • Man of the Year, Men’s Anti-Violence Network
  • Arizona Family Project Award, Friend of the Family
  • Legislator of the Year (twice), Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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